Tantric Sex Is Different

Tantric Sex is unique, special, and a sacred joy to behold. Why do stars like Sting and Oprah rave about the long-term extended passion they create through Tantric Sex?

Mostly because it's different from purely lust driven friction sex. It involves the whole body, focuses the mind, and floods your spirit with waves of delightful emotions. It's sweet, sensitive, sacred, and sensual. Often, it's hot, passionate, and wild.

Tantric Sex is like making love on multiple levels at once for endless hours of mind-altering, soul-satisfying ecstasy. If you haven't read our page about "6 Tantric Sex Differences," click here to go right there.

Sex Means Subtle Energy eXchange

Here's what our Supreme Bliss Tantra ebook has to say about Tantric Sex...

Tantric Sex to us means any touching or moving together that connects lovers' inner vibrations. Releasing tension and giving in to the urge to come gets replaced with continuous streaming vibrations of intense ecstatic energy that ebb and flow. When we enter the altered state of consciousness that comes with orgasm after orgasm, the O-Zone, we simply float on a cloud of bliss together. These feelings often last more than 24 hours.

Tantric Sex is slow, spontaneous, and conscious. It's open, intimate, and mutual. Sex this way is more leisurely, savoring every delicious morsel of pleasure, instead of rushing headlong towards maximum turn-on as quickly as possible. Tantric lovers move so slowly, stopping frequently to settle deeply into the rising tide of pleasure, stretching the experience and the ecstasy out for extended periods.

And, yes, there are times when it's hard and fast. There are different waves to this ocean of pleasure.

How Can Sex Be Anything Like Meditation?

True, Tantric Sex is a kind of worship, prayer, and cosmic experience. We often describe it as sexual meditation. Tantrikas who cultivate the continuous state of inner orgasm find themselves drawn to this meditative state naturally.

That's why Tantric Sex begins with ritual to prepare the mind and body for complete relaxation. We enter tantric practice without goals or expectations, surrendering to whatever unfolds. All of this creates the non-resistant mood in which we can consciously summon energy to fill our entire bodies and flow through us from head to toe.

Tantric Sex is spiritual. It's more like sensuously sipping an expensive Cabernet than chugging a six-pack of brew. It more closely resembles sampling the delicacies at a gourmet buffet than inhaling a pepperoni pizza during Monday Night Football. It's certainly a lot closer to a twilight stroll through a perfumed garden under a full moon with your beloved on your arm than running a hundred-yard dash.

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