Supreme Bliss Tantra Ebook Contents

Tantra At Tahoe's Supreme Bliss Tantra ebook is the complete introduction to the joys of Spiritual Sex. It's a rich, fun-filled, richly-illustrated do-it-yourself guide for learning to enjoy Tantric Sex.

Supreme Bliss Tantra contains...

  • 308 pages of user-friendly advice, practical suggestions, and erotic stories.
  • 101 illustrations, photographs, and anatomy charts
  • 34 solo practices
  • 31 partner practices
  • 36 discussion/journalling exercises
  • 36 Kama Sutra sex positions

Supreme Bliss Tantra Ebook Chapters

Here is a little bit about each chapter of The Supreme Bliss Tantra and the six stages of Tantric Sex...

Chapter 1: Welcome

Our welcome is designed to give you an idea of what's included in our ebook, what Supreme Bliss Tantra is, what role it plays in sacred Spiritual Sex, and how you can make the most of it.

Chapter 2: The Tantric Attitude

The beginning of your transformation starts here with the five essential elements of the Tantric Attitude. By reading this chapter you'll understand how to embrace life, yourself, and your sexuality more fully. Supreme Bliss Tantra starts with you getting out of your head and into your body. So we give you powerful practices that can change your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul so you can be everything you want to be.

Chapter 3: Tantra Is Spiritual Sex

In Chapter 3 you'll learn how Spiritual Sex can be a sacred transformative force. Creating attitude, mood, and intention to reach untold heights of ecstasy start here. In this chapter we get specific about how to enhance your tantric skills by weaving the magic. It explains how sexual pleasure can be used to transform and heal. Read Chapter 3 to understand the dance between male and female energies so you will forever after approach loveplay with reverence, awe, and excitement.

Chapter 4: Tantric Sacred Space

This chapter introduces you to the first element of the SBT Ritual, the Tantric Sacred Space, which includes decorating, dressing, and preparing a ritual environment. We want you to feel safe and free within your Tantric Sacred Space. We give you many tips for creating your own personal ceremony to cleanse the energy and set the tone for some high-flying sexual play.

Chapter 5: Connecting Hearts

Honoring and connecting with your beloved is the second stage of the SBT Ritual. This is the special recognition of yourself, your partner, and the tantric partnership you are sculpting. Here we offer many suggestions for making your tantric experience deep, intimate, safe, and smart. We introduce some playful ways to approach one another mentally, emotionally, and physically. Fun things like connecting from the heart, looking into each other's eyes, undressing, hugging, and exchanging sweet everythings (more tantric than sweet nothings). Also, we begin here with a continuing theme that is the key to great sex -- communication -- so that each encounter can be full-out.

Chapter 6: Meditating Together

The third stage of the SBT Ritual is meditating. Ecstatic states and ecstatic sex require relaxing your muscles, calming your mind, and fully opening your senses especially when you're high aroused. Through fun practices, we teach you how to achieve this kind of relaxation. The meditations we share aren't simply sitting quietly, They're active processes that will help you open your senses, free your energy channels, and speed up the process of becoming the Tantrika that you want to be. Through Supreme Bliss Tantra, ultimately, sex becomes a meditation when you develop the physical and emotional groundwork with this chapter's exercises.

Chapter 7: Energizing Turn-On

Chapter 7 is devoted to the fourth element of the SBT Ritual. At last, this is where the heavy breathing starts. We introduce you to the power of pleasure and Kundalini orgasmic energy. We begin by describing the Four Cornerstones Of Supreme Bliss and showing you how to use them with a basic tantric energy practice, Orgasmic Breathing. By using the steps of Orgasmic Breathing, you can simulate orgasm so that your mind, body and soul learn to jump into an ecstatic state automatically, quickly, and willfully. We end this chapter with Tantric Touch because when you give and receive sensual massage with Orgasmic Breathing, it's way different, not to mention a huge turn-on.

Chapter 8: Tantric LoveMaking

Ecstasy is intense joy, delight, and elated bliss. It's an extraordinary elevation of the spirit by overwhelming emotion so intense that you're carried away beyond the reach of rational thoughts and ordinary impressions. The Tantric LoveMaking Chapter discusses the fifth stage in the SBT Ritual, how to create the ecstatic experience so you can learn to dance and cavort at new levels of excitement and awareness. This means erotic genital massage, oral pleasure, anal play, and dozens of Kama Sutra lovemaking positions. You'll learn about different kinds of physical orgasms and how they merge with Tantric Orgasms infused with Kundalini energy. In this chapter, you'll find specific practices that enable you to play for hours in the O-Zone, the high plateau of ecstasy we call the Orgasm Zone, where sex truly becomes meditation and your bodies seem to disappear.

Chapter 9: Closing Ritual Space

The final stage in the SBT Ritual may be forgotten by lovers who fall asleep or disconnect without cementing the bond shared. In this chapter about closing ritual space we show you how to maintain the sacred nature of your lovemaking by the process of energy completion. We want you to be a better and better lover. Closing is essential to savor the now and catapult your next encounter even higher. Besides, since Spiritual Sex begins with clear and open communication, it needs to end with communication, too. We conclude with a juicy story that leads you through what you've learned in graphic detail.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

The last chapter is a guide to where to go next. We start by giving you some hints about maintaining continuity with your practice and your tantric growth. We share with you further ideas about creatively and spontaneously using the SBT Ritual in your everyday lives. We don't expect that you'll do every step of every practice every time. So we'll make some suggestions about what to do when and how to choose. Because Spiritual Sex is a perpetual journey, we'll give you some ideas about how to continue on the tantric path to higher and higher bliss.


The appendix contains valuable resources that you may need to refer to often. As insurance for long healthy sex lives, we've included our complete program of Safer & Smarter Conscious Sex. We've collected references to the sex toys and other products we've recommended. The appendix shows you where to get more information and buy them easily. Plus we suggest some recommended books for further study and various types of tantric mood music. Finally, you'll find our complete glossary so you never have to be confused about tantric and sexology terms.

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