Ancient Wisdom For The Modern Lover

Supreme Bliss Tantra distills the essence of long-lost Eastern wisdom about sex, love, and intimacy coupled with the latest breakthroughs in modern sex research. But it's much more action-oriented than just ideas that can change your life. It contains step-by-step instructions for 36 journalling & discussion exercises, 34 solo practices, and 31 partner lovemaking sessions.

Because Supreme Bliss Tantra is spiritual, many of these are tools you can use to look at yourself, love yourself, and evolve yourself. When you practice Supreme Bliss Tantra, you use sex as the source of energy for personal transformation. That's why many of these are explicit erotic exercises to help you incorporate Tantric principles into your love and sex. Supreme Bliss Tantra holds the power for you to change all aspects of your life.

Which raises some important questions...

  • Did you learn, at a tender age, that your body was divine and your sexual ecstasy your birthright? Of course not.
  • Were you given free rein to explore your sexual urges and curiosities? Of course not.
  • Were you trained to maximize your sexual potential in giving and experiencing awesome peaks of pleasure? Of course not.

Isn't it time you elevated sex to its rightful place as the natural expression of your love and zest for life?

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The 6 Step Sacred Sexual Rite

Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches a six-step sacred sexual rite which you can use every time you make love that shows you how to...

  • Have more sex and enjoy it more,
  • Enjoy sexual play as a divine act and relationship glue,
  • Make sex last longer,
  • Have bigger better stronger longer orgasms, and
  • Make sex more meaningful, more intimate, more heart-centered.

Each step is so simple that, once your experience them, you'll never want to leave out these quick tender actions like a moment of eye-contact or these exciting turn-ons like squeezing your sexual muscles. As well, each step in the process contains several options so you can tailor your encounters to maximize your sexual energy.

You'll learn more about these stages later in this tour. Or click HERE to jump there now.

Supreme Bliss Tantra will help you open the floodgates of latent life forces locked away in your heart, your head, and your genitals. So to start with, its advices and practices focus on what you're thinking, what you're saying, how you're feeling, and what your beliefs are. When you begin to adopt the Tantric Attitude about life, love, and sex, you'll be able to reach divine passion using our directions about erotic massage, oral sex, and sexual intercourse.

What Do Readers Of Supreme Bliss Tantra Say?

Readers say our new ebook is "entertaining, informative, titillating, and user-friendly" and "Thanks for your great work in getting information about tantric sexual bliss out into the world. And it's good to have your practical instructions about how to make it happen. You make Tantric sexuality available and real, removing it from the esoteric realm."

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Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstacy Of Spiritual Sex

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