Private Spiritual Sexuality Workshops

These Private Spiritual Sexuality Workshops in Tantra At Tahoe's academy last 2 to 5 days and are our most balanced between spiritual ritual and sexual practice...

Private Spiritual Sexuality Workshops



Sacred Spiritual Sexuality Workshop

Sacred Spiritual SexualityThe ancient Tantrics developed methods to heighten awareness and deepen consciousness using sexual energy. So the roots of Supreme Bliss Tantra are spiritual practices that accelerate the seeker's progress on the path to enlightenment. Our Sacred Spiritual Sexuality Workshop follows these origins by balancing sex and spirit at each step. Because the secret to reaching supreme bliss is learning to totally relax in the highest states of arousal, we first lay a foundation of meditation, from silent to active to sexual. An essential theme throughout this workshop is adopting the Tantric Attitude that your body and spirit are reflections of the divine God and Goddess within which activates the mindset of gratitude and respect for your jewels (genitals) equally with your soul. You'll learn sacred rituals that at the same time are both erotic and awakening. Since Spiritual Sex is a highly conscious practice, we teach couples a wide variety of ways of communicating, connecting, and communing. We practice rites and ceremonies that link more than your bodies, involving energy connection at all your chakras (subtle energy centers throughout your body along the spine).
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Divine Intimacy & Tantric Relationship Workshop

Chakra Merger © Brandon CroyA Tantric relationship is rooted in the spiritual recognition that we are all imbued with God and Goddess energies. Divine intimacy between couples only grows when each embraces their true nature and takes total responsibility for their own happiness. Tantric relationships aren't based on getting your partner to meet your needs, heal your wounds, nor serve your agendas. Our Divine Intimacy & Tantric Relationship Workshop teaches you each to come from the strong foundation of knowing yourself, trusting yourself, and wanting to share yourself to enrich the life of someone you love. An essential theme of this co-creation laboratory is learning to accept everything about yourself and your beloved. This begins by recognizing that we each have the opposite gender inside, usually a part of our shadow, that needs love and acceptance. Until a man accepts his inner Goddess and a woman her inner God, they'll never feel whole and may subconsciously seek to complete themselves in the other. Our Divine Intimacy & Tantric Relationship Workshop walks you through seeing and sharing your beliefs about yourself, what you want to receive from your beloved, and what you're willing to give. Only through this process of self-inquiry and vulnerable exposure will divine intimacy grow into unconditional love that endures.
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Supreme Bliss Tantra Ritual Workshop

RadhaKrishnaThe Supreme Bliss Tantra Ritual includes six phases of spiritual and sexual practice that engage couples at all levels. Our Supreme Bliss Tantra Ritual Workshop takes you through each stage in turn, teaching a wide variety of rites and tools you can use to create a sacred space, deepen intimacy, and fuel passion. The six phases include meditating together to build a solid platform for each partner to activate a powerful stream of kundalini orgasmic energy. Thus, when the couple enters into Tantric LoveMaking, they can cycle together to higher and higher states of awareness. By attending our Supreme Bliss Tantra Ritual Workshop, beloveds will be able to create their own unique sexual spiritual ceremony each time they make love, keeping sexual and spiritual intimacy fresh and alive throughout a lifetime of divine togetherness.
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Advanced Tantric Initiation

Our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation is the ultimate Supreme Bliss Tantra training program which comprises the contents of all the workshops in our academy. Spanning 14 days of on-site training, extensive telephone counseling, and frequent email support spread throughout 12 months, our Advanced Tantric Initiation represents a total commitment to total sexual and spiritual transformation. Click here to see the complete rundown of our Advanced Tantric Initiation.




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