Here are details and links to our current fees, terms for our services, policies for our ebooks, our service guarantee., and our certificate of compliance for 18 US 2257.

The safest way to pay is via major credit card on our state-of-the-art secure server as described HERE or we offer various other ways to pay HERE.

Our Fees

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Tantric Sex Tips
answers, advice, & solutions
phone, email, or in person
From $9.97. Click HERE for details.
Tantric Sex Assess
1-hour intro consultation
phone, email, or in person
$49.95 to newsletter subscribers. Click HERE for details.
Our ebook library + Tantric Sex Assess
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or your place
$100 per hour (plus any travel expenses)
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$150 per hour (plus any travel expenses)
Instructional Tantric Sex DVDs & Erotic Adult Videos
via mail or video-on-demand
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Adult Sex Toys & sexual enhancement products
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Our Terms

• A minimum payment of 50% fees is required to confirm appointments.

• Payment in full is required before beginning services.

• Clients must provide a current (within 6 months) negative HIV certificate before beginning live services that include any physical contact.

• Clients will be asked to sign an Informed Consent & Release Form before beginning services.

• Appointments may be scheduled any time within three months after registration without penalty or rescheduled within that period as long as at least two weeks notice is given.

• We do not refund fees for services. Please be absolutely sure before you register.

For other questions and further details, click HERE for our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Ebook Policies

• We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our ebooks. Click HERE for our library. Click HERE for details about our guarantee.

• Purchase of one of our ebooks entitles you to full rights to copy the ebook file to your computer for 60 days.

• All of our ebooks come with free 60-day technical support to insure you download the file successfully to your computer.

• We change ebook passwords every 60 days for security purposes. Please make sure you download and save a backup copy of the file in a safe place. Though we may be able to help you after that date, our volume of transactions doesn't allow us to keep complete sales records for much longer. We can't guarantee being able to confirm your purchase and send you another copy of the ebook after 60 days.

• Bona-fide purchasers may print one copy of Tantra At Tahoe ebooks for personal use. Email forwarding of the document, access codes, or reproduction for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. We appreciate your support in protecting the rights to our ebooks so we can continue to help many others benefit from the ancient secrets of sacred sexuality.

Our Service Guarantee

Essentially, Tantra is a spiritual practice.

We pledge to do everything we can to advise, coach, and guide you to choose the most beneficial sacred sexuality practices for your situation. We guarantee to deliver 100% of the services you register for to the best of our ability.

Ultimately, your success depends on how well you integrate the principles of Tantra into your life through regular practice.

For other questions and further details, click HERE for our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Certificate Of Compliance With 18 USC 2257

Tantra At Tahoe certifies to all purchasers that the content and images on our website and in our ebooks and ecourses are in full compliance with the requirements of 18 USC 2257 and associated regulations.

All models, actors, actresses and other persons that appear in any visual depiction of actual sexually-explicit conduct appearing or otherwise contained in this website were over the age of 18 years at the time of the creation of such depictions and are intended to be portrayed as such. They have consented for their images to appear of their own free will, and believe our website visitors and customers have the right as consenting adults to view these materials which are meant to serve as sexual aids and provide sexual  education as well as sexual entertainment.

In the development of these materials, no one was harmed or forced to do anything against their will. Nothing in these materials is meant to condone the practice of unsafe sex, forcible or unwilling sex, under-age sex, or sexual abuse.

Our materials contain NO:

 - Images or stories depicting child porn,

 - Obscenity

 - Matter with harmful matter to children or easy access to porn,

 - Adult models being portrayed as children under 18 years of age.

The original records required pursuant to 18 USC section 2257 and 28 CFR 75 for all materials contained in the website and its ebooks and ecourses are kept by the following Custodian of Records:

Somraj Pokras

11200 Donner Pass Road

Truckee, CA 96161

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