Ancient Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy For Modern Lovers

Ancients Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy For Modern Lovers from Tantra At TahoeAn explicit instructional video in which the foremost teachers of sexual enhancement practices of the East share the secrets revealed in their best-selling books; featuring Margo Anand (author, The Art of Sexual Ecstasy), Charles & Carolyn Muir (authors, Tantra, the Art of Conscious Loving), Nik Douglas & Penny Singer (authors, Sexual Secrets), David and Ellen Ramsdale (authors, Sexual Energy Ecstasy), Lori Grace (Celebrations of Love), Robert Frey and Dr. Joan Nelson.

The techniques are demonstrated by five attractive couples who have mastered and now teach Tantric and Taoist sexual enhancement skills. Topics covered include extending and expanding sexual orgasm, freeing the female orgasm, yogic ejaculatory control, using breath to build and control sexual energy, full body and valley orgasm, awakening the Saspandana (female G-Spot), the ancient techniques of Imsak, Kabbazah, and Karezza, the use of ritual in lovemaking, and the ancient Tantric philosophy of Sacred Sexual relationship. 

BUY the Ancients Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy For Modern Lovers from Tantra At TahoeThis is the director's cut! Everything in the original version and in addition, explicit ejaculation control practices, freeing the female orgasm and oral techniques. Click here to buy the 90 minute X-rated version of Ancient Secrets. DVD or VHS.

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JBetter Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure DVD from Tantra At Tahoeack Morin, Ph.D., the world's leading expert on anal eroticism and sexual health, hosts a frank and factual overview of this exotic, much misunderstood sexual practice.  Couples who wish to leave no territory unexplained will find this program to be an incredible resource.  Watch as real couples demonstrate in detail the potential pleasure of anal encounters.  You'll discover essential health guidelines and helpful tips to maximize pleasure, best positions to try, and specially designed toys for erotic play.

DVD Features Include:  

  • Chapter Selection  
  • Sexual Health Information  
  • Bonus Short Films

Stimulation of this erogenous area can produce explosive orgasms for both men and women; an orgasm from prostate stimulation can be the most intense a man can have.  See real couples demonstrating explicitly detailed positions for anal intercourse, specially designed anal toys and lubricants, plus much more!

Length: 60 minutes.

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Beyond intercourse, beyond intimacy, lies the world of Tantric Sex

Ancient philosophers believed sexual energy was one of the greatest forces of humankind.  In just 60 minutes the viewer will learn to harness this sexual energy to increase their lovemaking potential.

Attractive couples demonstrate the techniques that take orgasm out of the genitals and into the five senses for a long-lasting, full-body experience.  Breathing, massage, and romantic ambiance enhance pleasure.  Movement, erotic positions, and relaxation expand sexual awareness.  The viewer will learn to prolong his or her orgasm, finally merging with his or her partner in a state of sexual ecstasy.

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This unique and powerful 90-minute film shows the ultimate in totally graphic Tantric lovemaking as portrayed by working porn stars. As one of them, Kay Parker, writes: "A different approach to intimacy and explicit lovemaking is what I and four couples on this DVD seek to inspire. Let us lead you though the Tantric sexual positions and warm-up techniques. The intention is to demonstrate how to prolong the sexual experience and reach greater heights of satisfaction than you ever imagined. This certainly is my wish for you."

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The Best Lovers Guides To Tantric Sex On DVD & Video

We're excited to offer you 17 of the best lovers guides to Tantric Sex on DVD and video from our friend and partner Doctor G. Click HERE to review them all.

A connoisseur of sacred, erotic, and informative films, Doctor G has chosen a select number of titles that will turn you on while teaching. These are explicit, well-done videos that will leave you breathless, skilled, and rushing off to practice.


Some of his and our favorites include...

Instructional Sex

DVDs & Videos

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Lisa Lawless Female Ejacualtion Video
Sexual Positions DVD

The Lovers Guide To Sexual Positions

Many people make love in only one to three positions. This hot DVD offers totally nude footage of real lovers in over 60 delightful ways that you and your partner can actually use to keep things fresh. Expand your repertoire, revitalize your sex life, and have lots of fun trying them out!

Sections include: Oral, Man on Top, Woman on Top, Side by Side, From Behind, Sitting and Standing and Advanced Positions.

Please Note: DVDs are region 2 encoded for the UK and Europe. USA customers may play the titles on PCs using suitable software solutions but US DVD players may not be able to play the titles.

Sexual Positions DVD
Lovers Guide DVDs & Videos

Check out all the Lovers Guide DVDs and Videos, including...

  • Sex Play
  • The Interactive Lovers Guide
  • What Women Really Want
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: 7 Secrets To A Passionate Love Life
  • The Lovers Guide 7 DVD Box Set Collection, including:
    • The Original Lovers' Guide
    • Better Orgasms for Men
    • Better Orgasms for Women
    • The Essential Lovers' Guide
    • Secrets of Sensational Sex
    • Making Sex Even Better
    • What Women Really Want
The Lovers' Guide 7 DVD Box Set Collection

A startling beauty who took our breath away when we met her at a sex conference.

(For a Limited Time - Buy 2 get one FREE)

Nina Hartley

Everything you wanted to ask and learn about sex in graphic moving pictures!

2, 3, & 4 DVD Gift Sets

Become A Better Lover

Find out what men and women really want and how to ask for and get what you want.

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