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Kama Sutra Oils, Lotions, Potions, & Kits

Spice up a date with your beloved or make an anniversary special with some erotic love tools. Our Adult Products Store includes over 20 KAMA SUTRA OILS to heat up you and your honey. Plus you can find over 240 sensual LOTIONS & POTIONS, erotic creams, exciting potions, massage oils, bath gels, pleasure balm, honey dust, and healing blend. Some of the flavors you can choose from in our CREAMS section include chocolate, mint, honey, raspberry, tangerine, strawberry, sweet almond, vanilla, and wild clove. Don't miss the over 260 LOVE KITS including Pleasure Garden, Serenity, and Kama Sutra Weekender Kits.

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1000s Of Adult Products In Our On-Line StoreTantra At Tahoe Adult Products Store

Our new Adult Products Store contains all the Tantric gifts and kinky toys you need to boost your sex life to the next level. Clothing, lubricant, condoms, vibrators, dildos - you name it, we've got it. This page includes lots of suggestions about how to use games, fantasies, and toys to juice up your sex life. If you need more suggestions, check out the free pages in our Better Sex Guided Tour.

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How about strip poker? Make up your own "Chance" cards for Monopoly. Ever try the "Who Comes First" game? What do you have to do to your honey if you explode first? Ever tried "No Hands?" The rule of this game is that you can't feed yourself. Finger foods only. Be sure you spill a lot where you'll both enjoy licking it off. Add some Kama Sutra oils, scents, edible creams for effect. You'll get lots of great turn-on ideas by browsing through the Games category of the Toys section in our Adult Products Store. A few samples of the 53 fun things include playing cards, sex dice, foreplay darts, bathtub love, body finger paints, bachelorette party, romance roulette, pecker toss, and kinky bingo.

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If you're titillated by the prospect of pushing the envelop a little further, why not wear things that exude sex? Yes, at a costume party, and why not at work? Put on some outrageous risqué things underneath, or even on top. How about some sequined body tassels? Ever worn crotchless underwear when you're out and about? Left your buttons undone on purpose? Let your underwear show? Tied a sarong around your waist with the opening in front? Yes, you kinky guys, we're talking to you, too.

What is it about fishnet and mesh that's so sexy? Maybe, showing just enough to suggest the joys hiding underneath. In that spirit, let's not forget the wide assortment of hot pants, thongs, garters, babydolls, bustiers, and G-strings in our on-line store. Search for "bodywear & latex," "exotic wear" or "private collection".

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Why is that putting on something suggestive encourages the animal in us all to take it off? Maybe that's why some of the favorites in the Clothing section of our store include leopard skin, tiger skin, and snake-print designs. We also have something for every taste in velvet, latex, and leather. Sorry, you have to get plastic garbage bags at the grocery store if you really insist.

If you're going to dress up and get down, you have to smell and taste good, right? Decorate the bathroom with candles, incense, and soft music. Lead your beloved into the warm water and wash them all over as many times as you want. Especially those naughty bits. Not clean enough, rub rub rub some more. Search for "spa kit" in our on-line Adult Store.

Create a work of art with chocolate sauce and whip cream on your sweetie's (literally) delicious skin. Paint his toenails. Give her a temporary tattoo down there. Search for "finger paint" or "tattoo."

Put on some sexy music and slowly take it off, enticing your lover to touch. But pulling away. Or make them sit on their hands and only use their tongue. Search for "Lingerie".

With over 100 sexy articles of clothing and over 50 frilly pieces of lingerie in out catalog, you won't be able to complain "I don't have anything to wear. Search for "Clothing."

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We all love costume parties. Why not have one at home? Make believe you're hosting a party. Oh my, some of you might think we mean invite your best friends. Search for "bachelor" or "bachelorette".

Well, why not have a real party with your best friends. Of course, you can always rent a costume, but half the fun is making up your own. Then you can show off by wearing each other's clothes. Search for "mask."

As you browse through the over 200 titillating items in our Bodywear & Latex category, you've got to find something that's "you" for a Halloween costume.

A great start is our leather and lycra hoods, the Padded Jungle Love Mask, or the Zebra Mystique Cat Mask. Your friends will never know it's you when you cover your face, right?

Then you'll find Fifi The French Maid, the Bad Girl Starter Kit, or the ever-enticing Tigress Set. Be sure to explore the many options of Ecstasy Lingerie including the Sensual Lingerie Collection. Search for "French Maid," "Bad Girl," or "Tigress."

Maybe our favorite is Sinistress, the Snake-Print Femme Fatale. With such a large assortment, you're bound to find several new "yous."

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Are Good
For You

Need some more ideas to tickle your fantasies? How about adopting the behavior of an animal. Now is the perfect time to safely unleash some of that tiger or snake lurking inside. Or how about...
-- Doctor/patient,
-- teacher/student,
-- duchess/chauffeur,
-- lord/maidservant,
-- initiator/virgin,
-- customer/clerk, or
-- athletic trainer/client
We bet you can dream up some even better scenarios to experiment with. For a wild party experience, swap genders and costumes if you enjoy cross-dressing. To stretch even further, consider the...
-- brother/sister,
-- mother/son,
-- father/daughter, or
-- the new young spouse of your mother/father.
The power comes from crafting the fantasy or playing it out in your mind. Remember, Tantra doesn't advocate any sexual preference or lifestyle. And certainly doesn't encourage you to violate other people's sensibilities or the laws of the land. This is about you and getting your dormant juices flowing by using your strongest sex organ. We mean your brain. Search for "fantasy" and you'll be amazed what you find.

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Spice Up
Your Life With
Role Playing

How about planning one of these together and then springing it on your honey: Sneak into the bedroom like you're an intruder. Seduce the "pool man," or "cable guy," or "front-door evangelist." Conduct an employment interview for a prospective lover naked. For more, search in our Adult Products Store for "weekender".

What movie star have you always dreamed of seducing? Turn a fling with him or her into a rip-roaring fantasy. Plan a romantic weekend at a luxurious spa or take a sexy road trip (even if you stay at home). Make believe it's your honeymoon again. Search for "honeymoon" or "adventure kit".

Decorate the bedroom with incense, candles, and rose petals and then open the door naked when your hottie gets home. Spill ice cream down their front "by mistake," rip off their clothes, and clean them up. Depending on how adventuresome you are, you can try this at the kitchen table or at the 31 Flavors counter. Search for "roses".

And if you really want some out-there fun, set up the camera for any of the above. Focus it on your bed while you enjoy each other and then relive it as often as you want. Search for "movie kit" in our on-line store.

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Playing With
Bondage &

Some popular fantasies include one lover tying the other up and having their way with them. What's typically called B&D for bondage and domination can be awfully titillating. For example, put handcuffs on your honey so you're totally in charge. Or blindfold them before you tie them down and have your way with them.

In B&D, it appears from the outside that one person generally plays the dominant role, while the other takes the passive position. In the master/slave, interrogator/prisoner, or torturer/victim scenarios, for example, this sure seems to be the case. In reality, skilled sexual play always includes negotiating roles and boundaries in advance, as well as a "safe word."

You'll find lots of great props in our Adult Store to assist your game-playing like blindfolds, restraints, gags, ticklers, clips, and crops. We offer restraints like hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, and wrist cuffs, some sensually padded. Don't forget to check out the whips, as well, just don't get carried away with them, please. You'll have to get your own chains at the local hardware store if you want to go that far. Find this outrageous assortment in the "TOYS"" section of our store by selecting Restraints from the category pull-down menu. Search for "bondage," or "cuffs".

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Trick Or Treat
With Sex Toys
All Year Long

Have you ever wanted to have a bigger pleasure stick? To last longer when you've had too much to drink? To blow your honey's mind with an orgasm blended from two erogenous zones? Our favorite sex toys give you these options and lots more. Ever dreamed about the back door? About double penetration? Try a dildo of your preferred size, color, and texture in one orifice while enjoying your man in the other.

Why not explore your wild side with dildos, French ticklers, penis extender sleeves, and vibrators to give you or your honey a whole new experience? These tools are specially designed for maximum pleasure and can be used completely safely. Why not wear a vibrator under your costume? Isn't that why God invented batteries, to simulate the feeling of orgasm while you're chatting with distant friends?

Our Adult Store has just about every kind of sex toy you can imagine, and hundreds more that you can't. You don't think we mean vibrators, dildos, G-spot stimulators, and butt plugs, do you? Yes, we do. Why not surprise your sweetie with a fun little appliance? Of course, don't take it too seriously. It's all in fun. Simply click on the toys button at the top of the page and select the following categories: Dildo, Vibrator, Anal Toys, Glass, Massagers, Sleeves & Ticklers, and Strap-on.

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Gift Certificates

Looking for that sensual gift for someone special but you just don't know what to get? Well, with our gift certificates your special someone can shop to her or his content. It's a sure fire way to get a big thank you and maybe a little something else.

We have two varieties of Gift Certificates...

  • Tantra At Tahoe $25, $50, & $100 redeemable for Tantric Sex ebooks, Kama Sutra training, Tantra services, and our favorite sex toys & DVDs.
  • Adult Products Store $25, $50, & $75 redeemable for thousands of erotic toys and DVDs.
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Our Favorite Sex Toys

Liquid O Orgasm EnhancerAneros Male G-Spot Stimulator

"Like high octane fuel for your sex life!" Liquid O was formulated to help women who silently suffer from a lack of sexual satisfaction. Liquid "O" is a topically applied, specially formulated, liquid used to enhance a sexual encounter by sensitizing the woman's clitoris. It contains L-arginine, an amino acid available in health food stores, and menthol, a flavor agent commonly found in mouthwash and toothpaste. All of the ingredients in Liquid "O" are USP-Food Grade, and are therefore edible and safe. Statistics indicate that over 50 million women have been clinically diagnosed with Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). Mild symptoms of FSD range from the simple lack of sexual desire to diminished clitoral and vaginal sensation.  In more severe cases the ability to achieve either one of the two types of female orgasms, clitoral or vaginal maybe completely lost.  Countless women have yearned for the opportunity that Viagra has given to men.  Liquid O was introduced to counter that advantage and level the playing field for women. "Female Viagra is finally here!"


"The Pleasure Swing"

The PLEASURE SWING invites you and your lover to experience hundreds of combinations of sexual positions. It is easily installed, fully adjustable and will support up to 450 pounds!

Here's what a customer from Canada said...

"This is the best swing ever!!! I had an awesome time on it, my boy friend said it was the best! We will happily recommend it to anyone who likes to have some long wild sex. We didn't stop till the next day!!!"

Let your fantasies become reality with the PLEASURE


Modern-day Kama Sutra sex positions are easy with Liberator® Shapes four firm cushions for ecstatic lovemaking. Sex feels different at an angle. Sex lasts longer at an angle. Try the four Liberator® Shapes cushions and you'll see that new sexual positions can mean a brand new, totally wild, love life! The Wedge, Ramp, Stage, and Cube make new, comfortable positions possible.

"We're sure she'll give Liberator Shapes an enthusiastic two-legs up!" -- Playboy Magazine

"Liberator -- build yourself a sexual habitat that's both kinky and comfortable."
-- Esquire Magazine


Personal Pubic Shaver

Personal Pubic Shavers

The Body Bare Personal Shaver is a dry personal razor designed specifically for shaving sensitive areas. It will shave your pubic area closer, faster, easier and, most importantly, safer than anything else you've ever used... period! This imported battery-operated, ultra-fine-screen shaver will leave your most intimate areas as smooth as a newborn baby's bottom.

Crystal Wand Men's & Women's G-Spot StimulatorCrystal Wand G-Spot Stimulator

Now, save $5 on our favorite all-purpose G-Spot stimulator, the Crystal Wand. It's a sensuously curved "S" shaped bar of clear Lucite plastic that's easy to hold and manipulate when one end is inserted inside a man or woman. The Crystal Wand was specifically designed to easily stimulate your own or another's G-Spot. It allows deeper reach, stronger pressure, and perfect vibration when and where it counts.


KegelMaster Sexual Muscle ExerciserKegelMaster 2000 Sexual Muscle Exerciser

The KegelMaster is a doctor-recommended exerciser specifically designed to help women build strong healthy sexual muscles. It's made of medical-grade plastic and surgical stainless steel, applying resistance against vaginal muscles as they contract through their full range of motion. You'll notice the difference after the first use and the lover you grip will rave about your tightness!


Aneros Male G-Spot StimulatorAneros Male G-Spot Stimulator

Now, save $5 on the Aneros Stimulator, a one of its kind plastic sex toy for ecstatic male G-Spot massage and prostate self-play. It's made of non-porous medically-approved material and can easily be cleaned with hot, soapy water. Men using Aneros report increased erectile strength and sensitivity, greater orgasm intensity and duration, and intense cascades of pleasure throughout the body. Any man wanting to experience multiple orgasms will want one.


70 G-Spot Vibrators & StimulatorsG-Spot Stimulators & Vibrators

Our Adult Products Store offers over 70 sex toys specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation for the yoni (vagina) and the rosetta (anus). If you prefer a dildo, vibrator, water stimulator, no problem, we've got it. Pink, purple, white, black, clear? Soft, hard, jelly, glass? 4", 5" 6", 7"? Straight, smooth, studded, throbbing, pulsating, and escalating?


Erotic & How-To Sex DVDs & VideosArt of Female Ejaculation Video

Our Adult Products Store has the most complete inventory of erotic stories, sexy stars, and every imaginable sex act to learn by watching. And enjoy!

Plus, our store contains the widest assortment of educational and stimulating DVDs and Videos.


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