Tantra uses energy as the fuel for personal and relationship transformation as the previous page made clear. So why does a purported spiritual practice involve sex?

If you understand that the Tantric process is to become more and more open to your own life force energies and follow them with consciousness, then it's easy to explain.

Which energy do most Westerners have the most trouble accepting, exploring, and enjoying? You guessed it, the intense power of sexuality.

Eastern mystics call sexual energy Kundalini. Kundalini is a natural force traditionally seen as a serpent, coiled, sleeping at the base of the spine in the sacral area. Because it most strongly erupts during orgasm, many equate it with orgasmic energy.

The branch of yoga called Kundalini yoga is a series of postures and practices which are designed to energize, loosen and strengthen the pelvis to allow the practitioner to quicken move to an altered state as the Kundalini rises.

Tantra Practice includes similar and sometimes overlapping practices for the purpose of awakening this dormant sexual life force.

Tantra uses the energy centers or vortexes known as chakras to connect us with the power of the Kundalini. We concentrate on opening the inner flute, the subtle channel between the chakras that roughly parallels the spine.

Kundalini energy is aroused by breathing, moving, and focusing awareness. Tantra Practice gives us the tools to stimulate the Kundalini at will. Move it up the inner flute, and spread it around the body.

As sexual energy rises through the chakras via the inner flute and streams throughout the body, it cleanses and heals blocks, inhibitions, and wounds. And with enough practice and opening, this is what causes extended whole-body Tantric Orgasm.

Yes, awakening Kundalini energy can lead to sexual ecstasy, maybe even more powerfully than through lovemaking. Combine the two, and, well, look out baby.

Your guided tour of Tantra continues with more information about the body's energy centers called chakras.

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