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The 13 Essential Keys
To Hotter Sex
and a Lifetime of Loving

April 30, Lake Tahoe, California: After years of research, two California psychologists/sex therapists published their findings about the connection between intimacy and red hot sex. So naturally they called their acclaimed relationship playbook "Hotter Sex, Deeper Love: A Couples Guide To Ultimate Intimacy For The New Millennium."

The authors, Dr. Jeffre TallTrees and Orv. Fry, provide convincing proof that anyone can learn to open their heart and supercharge their sex life by following the directions in their new volume.

Dr. TallTrees says... "My playbook will teach you to love yourself and your partner as you never dreamed possible. It's about the inter-play of physical and emotional intimacy. I believe you can't separate the forms of intimacy because we each express our love and playfulness through our sexuality. Our sexual nature is at our very core. It is at the root of who we are."

And that's not all. In their 254-page playbook, the authors reveal how to use the 13 keys to transforming intimate relationships. They back them up with the 41 juicy heart-centered exercises they teach couples to use in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Dr. TallTrees says... "My ebook takes you step-by-step through processes you can use to reach this very expanded way of being with one another. Over 40 practices take you to places you've never been before, places of love and freedom."

The 13 Keys their book is based on are...

1. Open, Clear Communication (see Chapter 3)

The "how" of any communication is always more important than the "what."

2. Intimacy (see Chapter 5)

Intimacy is sharing your real self, including your "dark or shadow side" with your lover.

3. Strokes-Support (see Chapter 6)

Support is knowing your partner is present for you. Physical stroking, i.e. touching (Chapter 16) is also an important way to let your partner know you care...

4. Giving Your Relationship and Sexuality Top Priority (see Chapter 8)

It's crucial for everyone to plan time away. Vacations, mini-vacations, and specially designated nights or weekends all qualify. This time for intimate and emotional connection is essential to build a strong foundation for good sex to flow.

5. Honoring The Self (see Chapter 2)

Each partner must see his or her truth as a precious gift that will build ongoing trust, intimacy, and love.

6. Addressing Anger, Resentments, & Withholds In A Timely Way (see Chapter 11)

Be willing to get through your anger in love. By releasing the anger in a clean and safe way, you are paving the way for satisfying and playful sex.

7. Staying In Love (see Chapter 2)

Do you remember how to flirt? Part of romance includes the element of surprise.

8. Maintaining Your Physical Body (Your Temple) (see Chapter 9)

People who have sex more often have a strong immune system and enjoy better physical and emotional health.

9. Permission And Acceptance (see Chapter 19)

When acceptance of self and other is complete, there is permission to be the fully sexual, playful, lustful beings you are.

10. Risking And Courage (see Chapter 5)

It takes courage to have a truly great relationship and an ongoing "hot" love affair. Great sex in the context of great love is "heaven on earth."

11. Play-Full-Ness (see Chapter 23)

Do something you have never done at least once a month - sexual or not. "Regardless of where this goes or what we do, we'll have fun and it will feel good."

12. Spirituality (see Chapter 24)

Emphasize the movement of energy and seek to use sexual energy to support a form of communication with the divine heart.

13. Honoring And Celebrating The Relationship (see Chapter 8)

Celebrating means taking the time and attention to honor one another by acknowledging special dates and events.

"Enveloped in Kundalini Fire" by Brandon Croy

Reprinted from Chapter 25 of Hotter Sex, Deeper Love: A Couple’s Guide To Ultimate Intimacy For The New Millennium

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