Tantra Starts Solo & Then Connects Your Beloved

Our Supreme Bliss Tantra ebook is for both singles and couples. If you're in relationship, the exercises and discussions we recommend will be great fun and deeply stimulating. But don't be deterred if you're currently unattached. Much of Supreme Bliss Tantra is based on what you each do individually. The beginning of the path is identical for both singles and couples. It's tremendous preparation for attracting partners, meeting people, and creating the kind of relationship you've always dreamed of.

All of you will learn how to creatively enjoy Spiritual Sex so that loveplay becomes a whole new evolving form of intimate and divine connection. This is Tantric LoveMaking, making love reverently, sacredly, and consciously to maximize and circulate orgasmic energy. The ultimate aim of these practices in Supreme Bliss Tantra is to provide fuel for enhancing consciousness and transforming spiritually.

Attitude, Exercises, Practices, Healing

Not only does our ebook include a thorough description of the Tantric Attitude, but it's richly enhanced with communication exercises to focus your awareness and stimulate valuable discussion. There are many hands-on practices to quickly teach you powerful sexual skills. Along the way you'll undoubtedly discover how healing with tantric orgasmic energy can help you drop non-productive sexual attitudes, release unwanted inhibitions, and awaken dormant sexual feelings and sensations.

Isn't it great that fun and easily learned practices can fill you with pleasure and promote expanded consciousness?

Here's what one reader said...

"I am actually stopping the reading, as exciting as it is, to take a moment and ask myself one of the ebook's questions. Here's my answer... 'I like the way that sex can wash over me. Cleansing my mind, delighting my body and energizing my emotions. It renews and nurtures my true self when approached in a Tantric way ... and utilized for true spiritual transformation. Thank you for your wonderful efforts to spread the truth and share what you have discovered for yourselves so openly with others.' " -- Steve from San Francisco

Step-By-Step User-Friendly Instructions

We've created an ebook that is user friendly. Though it has a little of everything we've learned and how we learned it, it's not an academic volume. Nor is it an exhaustive listing of references, or lengthy survey responses. It's a practical program that reveals all you need to know to begin to create your own tantric sexual/spiritual ritual, for life.

Supreme Bliss Tantra shows you step-by-step how to put Spiritual Sex into practice immediately in your sex life.

Although each chapter is chock-full of practical, frank, action-oriented information and practices, how you use what we'll teach you is really up to you. You see, we have two primary goals for you. We want you to...

  1. Expand your capacity for sexual pleasure through tantric practice, and
  2. Create a foundation to create your own style, your own sacred ritual.

Soon, you'll be the creative artist of your own lovemaking canvas. We can't wait to hear about the ecstasy of your own unique artistic creations.

Tantra Attitude Before The Rest

Supreme Bliss Tantra is first and foremost an attitude, then it's emotion, awareness, and communication all put together. We use sexuality to generate lots of energy to accelerate spiritual evolution. Because of this focus, Spiritual Sex is a unique approach to loveplay. But it's so much more than technique.

Spiritual Sex is making love reverently, sacredly, and consciously to maximize the flow of orgasmic energy within you and between you and your lover.

To be sure, this ebook will teach you lots of specific sexual how-tos that will give you greater confidence. Just remember, when you combine these techniques with the Tantric Attitude, you will be a complete dream lover, woman or man.

What is the Tantric Attitude? The long answer is what Chapter 2 is all about. In brief, though, the Tantric Attitude is saying "Yes" to all your life desires, putting pleasure first, maximizing consciousness, and honoring the divine in yourself and your beloved.

Exciting Solo & Partner Exercises

Supreme Bliss Tantra includes expansive and exciting solo and partner exercises so you may understand, first-hand (pun intended), the nature of the Tantric Attitude and the experience of Spiritual Sex. Before you're done, you'll know exactly how to create a Tantric Sacred Space and immerse yourself into a tantric ritual, sinking into your body while losing your mind.

You'll soon know how to interweave body, mind, and spirit to create powerful, ecstatic and long lasting sexual experiences, with or without sexual intercourse. Through consciousness you'll learn to generate your inner fire, couple your sexual energy with physical stimulation and exchange orgasmic life force energy with your beloved in an ever broadening circle of ecstatic Spiritual Sex.

We very much want you to become the lover you want to be.

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