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Tantric Sex Tips from Sacred Sexual Secrets Newsletter 4-25-07

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Published by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees

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Dear Sacred Sexual Secrets Subscriber:

She lay there writhing, conscious only of the stream of ecstasy coursing through her body. Wave after wave of intense orgasms forced her to scream again and again, louder and louder. She felt one with the divine, totally still inside and a raving lunatic on the outside. Each explosion opened her deeper and wider to the life force energy of the universe. To his delight, each cosmic climax showered him with an abundant flow of Amrita, the nectar of the goddess, as Tantric adepts call female ejaculate.

Afterwards, he lay back with a tremendous hard-on reaching for the sky. Suddenly, her mouth was on his vajra (penis), slowly tantalizing his energy to higher and higher heights. His body convulsed with his own waves of ecstasy that he couldn't -- and didn't want to -- stop. He felt the orgasmic energy in his belly, his heart, his head, and his fingertips. He became each orgasmic pinnacle. A part of him knew he could ejaculate if he wanted to, but why? He was swimming in an ocean of delight that was so exquisite that he chose not to cum. He just wanted those glorious feelings to continue endlessly.

Have you ever:

* wanted sex to go on forever?

* felt you could never have too much pleasure?

* experienced every touch, every stroke as an orgasm?

* found yourself BEING each orgasm?

* felt you were riding an endless energy wave so much bigger than you?

* lost any sense of being separate from your beloved and the universe?

Well then, you already know what Tantric Sex is.

Chances are you've experienced this kind of spiritual high from sex at least once. I bet you wondered how in the world you could create this kind of ecstasy over and over anytime you wanted.

You can! The ancient art and science of Supreme Bliss Tantra can teach you just that. With our Tantric Sex Ebook Library -- which we always sell at a big discount -- you can start tonight!


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From the dramatic craving to the profound impact, you already know the power contained in a typical orgasm. In Tantric Sex, we don't just harness the power of that explosion, but the life force generator underneath. Which is way good because the source of that energy is virtually unlimited. You see, the ancient Tantrics discovered that the force of nature that drive your orgasms is the same dynamism that animates your body, mind, and spirit.

So how do you harness this vitality? First, of course, you don't rush towards the Big O and squander the meager amount of energy you start with. You drop your goals and standards of how to perform, and stop being totally focused on orgasm in bed. Instead, you focus on pleasure and let the peaks come to you. Take your time, go slow, and fill your empty vessel with the energy that creates orgasm. The more you accumulate, the higher you get. Which is where expanded full-body multiple orgasms come from.

Sure, you may need to learn more about your own body, your lover's body, what each type of jewels (genitals) prefer, and how you can better honor the beloved across from, under, or above you. This really just the beginning of what's covered in-depth in our Tantric Sex Library.

But what's most important is to learn to how to focus on the high-frequency energy fountain inside each of you. When I talk about this sexual energy, I'm referring to the surges of electricity and magnetism inside and the nerve signals that make you feel little things like hot flashes, muscle tension, and goosebumps. And big things like cosmic orgasms. You know, the ones that make you shout, scream, and shake.


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The ancients called this primal sexual life force, kundalini. But we usually call it orgasmic energy since that's when you feel it most intensely. If any of this makes sense, then you'll understand what makes Tantric Sex so incredible. It's plugging into, filling up with, and channeling the pulsating vim and vigor of kundalini until it thoroughly engulfs you and your beloved.

Obviously, to get there you need to be the master of your own orgasm so you don't cum too quick and succumb to the urge to explode too soon. But when you do let go, believe me the resounding shock wave that plows through you can be felt several states away. Of course, when you're vibrating intensely in a state of continuous orgasm without the explosive let-down, who needs to?

Because it's mastering this subtle kundalini energy stream that's essential, studying Tantric Sex more closely resembles yoga and meditation than going to a porn star academy. (Do they have such places?) Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches you to amplify and control kundalini through repeated practice with simple things like:

* breathing deeply,

* moaning passionately,

* visualizing consciously,

* undulating sinuously like a snake,

* pumping your well-toned sexual muscles,

* communicating what you want and what you feel, and

* above all staying present, awake, and aware in the now.

In other words, you learn how to turn off your continuously churning monkey mind and shift your attention to your sensations. You learn how to awaken, sense, and welcome subtle sensations so you can expand them into intense tides of pleasure.


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Only with aware, flowing, responsive lovers that can relax and open their inner channels does the possibility of synchronizing their two primal energies occur. Though its not enough by itself, mastery of the wide-range of sexual skills and techniques in our Tantric Sex Library can help each of you vary strokes, modify speed, and adjust pressure to maximize your pleasure.

But there's no reason why you can't start practicing tonight. Here's how to start.

Regardless of whether or not you start hot and horny, begin with slow tactile stimulation of each other's entire bodies. Tender, loving touch can awaken the most reluctant and shy desire. A sensuous massage is always appropriate and a surefire way to get your beloved in the mood. Better yet if you both go slow and savor each sensation to the hilt.

Be sure you set aside at least two hours for building an extraordinary level of ecstasy by:

* Letting go of any goals so you can totally immerse yourself

in each moment of the journey toward ecstasy.

* Going ever so slowly, with kissing, with tender touch, with

sensual massage, with approaching your sweetheart's jewels.

* Not forgetting the romance, telling your partner how wonderful,

beautiful, handsome, intriguing, and intelligent he or she is.

* Adoring your partner's body as if you are in bed with the true

reflection of the heavenly God or Goddess.

Getting the idea more clearly what I mean about going slow and building the energy? Start with love and romance, transition to tender loving touch, and don't dive into wild humping so soon. Before you even think about plugging in, take ever so long to pleasure your partner's special private parts.


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Every woman thrives on hearing sincerely how beautiful her yoni (vagina) is. Every man responds powerfully to having his vajra (penis) admired. Use gentle touch and sweet kisses before you lube up and stroke and lick hungrily. Love your beloved's jewels with your hands and mouths as the natural extension of their divine nature. And with the foundation of love and intimacy already rock solid, kundalini will be flowing freely and powerfully by the time you're ready for sacred sexual union (intercourse).

It could easily take you 60 minutes to arrive at the doorway to this boundless universe of peak after higher peak of pleasure. So what, the journey is delightful, right? And then the sky's the limit. Now that you're soaring, it's up to you how long you want to continue:

* lava lamping from position to position, hands to mouth to genitals,

and back again in a seamless dance?

* floating rapturously on a cloud of continuous orgasm?

* merging so totally with your beloved that you lose any sense

of identity, of separation, of time?

* riding the torrential flood of peak pleasure higher and higher?

When you can seamlessly dance with each other ascending to higher peaks as if you were one, you understand why the ancients called Tantric Sex a spiritual practice. Then Tantric Sex becomes a means to a higher state of consciousness, of connection, of communion, not an end.

As a result, you learn to transmute the sexual energy generated by sacred union into a cosmic connection with the divine. This altered state can only be called pure ecstasy. For the more about this, read our "Tantric Sex Practice" page in our free Tantra Online Guided Tour here:


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Our extensive ebook library gives singles and couples the Supreme Bliss Tantra sex tips and Kama Sutra sexual advice to improve loveplay as quickly as possible in the privacy of their own home. With over 1000 pages and 350 exercises, you will receive a wealth of sexual techniques and lovemaking positions with in-depth explanations, full-color illustrations, and step-by-step directions.

If you want to improve your sex life and spiritual relationship, our Tantric Sex Library will help you:

- Strengthen, improve, and extend your orgasms,

- Add Kama Sutra techniques, erotic massage, and oral sex

to your foreplay,

- Bring spirit into sexual play so lovemaking has more meaning

and creates more connection,

- Extend lovemaking and make sexual intercourse more ecstatic,

- Learn to find the G-Spot to trigger Tantric Orgasms and

female ejaculation,

- Open the pathways to his G-Spot so he can soar to new heights

of multiple orgasm alongside her,

- Awaken your inner energy channels so you can feel more joy

from a kiss, a sunset, an orgasm.

- Heal sexual problems like soft erections, premature ejaculation,

blocked orgasms, and inhibitions from sexual wounds and abuse.

- Open your communication lines to increase intimacy in your


Our Tantric Sex Library includes the following ebooks:

- Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex: How To Use The Erotic Power of Sexual Energy To Merge Intimacy, Love, & Spirit

- Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery: The Ecstatic Solution To Unlimited Sexual Stamina

- Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening Her Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss

- Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm: Awakening His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss

- Hotter Sex, Deeper Love: A Couples Guide To Ultimate Intimacy For The New Millennium

When you buy our Tantric Sex Library as a package, you receive at no extra charge our

- Tantric Sex Life Mini-Ebook: How To Use Sacred Sexuality For Ecstatic Pleasure, Tantric Orgasm, & Personal Transformation

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- Tantric Sex Muscle Ecourse: Energize Your Sex Life & Free Your Orgasms By Building Your Body's Pleasure Power

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Love, Somraj, Jeffre, & John

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