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The Art Of Yoni Color Of Breasts RainbowHangingCock Knock Knock

Close Entry Erotic Balls Kaleidoscope Ball Spin Colorful Penetration

The Fine Art Of Vajra Licking 1 Vajra 2 Mouths DP Colors

Tantric Erotic Art Can Be A Spiritual Experience

In Supreme Bliss Tantra, our attitude about all things sexual is different from how modern society treats the erotic. We believe that sex is divine. Not dirty, not exploitive, not abusive, not sinful. Well, of course, that depends on how you engage in love play. The way we do it and teach others to do it is a joy to behold. Tantric Sex looks much the same from the outside. But feels oh so different inside with this spiritual attitude.

DP ColorsVajra LickingSome believe that we worship the body parts that make sex so exciting, especially yoni (vagina) and vajra (penis). It's not really worship, but certainly respect, honor, and pay homage to such sources of exquisite delight. The images in our Tantric Erotic Art Gallery are designed to demonstrate that. And make you feel good.

Our Tantric Erotic Art Gallery is organized in albums that each contain a bunch of images. Click on the thumbnails to find the album covers and brief description below. Click on a larger album cover image itself to open an album.

When you view an image, ask yourself some questions, like...

  • Do they look beautiful to you, as they do to us? GOOD
  • Do they turn you on? GREAT!
  • Do they make you want to play with yourself? GO FOR IT!
  • Do they turn your attention to making love? EVEN BETTER!

Let us know which are your favorites and comments via email.

All these images are COPYRIGHTED ©2007 & 2008 by If you'd like to use any of these artworks on the web or for business purposes, please let us know via email what you want to do exactly and we'll likely give you permission.

The Art Of Yoni: Yoni, our first portal to the world, our continuing portal to supreme bliss, is always a work of art

The Art Of Yoni

DP Colors: The porn industry calls double penetration, DP. It takes a very open woman, two hard vajras, and three limber people.

1 Hole 2 Polls

Rainbow Hanging Cock: Vajra, Tantric for divine thunderbolt, can truly be a work of art in any colors

Hanging Cock

Knock Knock: Stylized erotic art using photos of vajra entering yoni

Knock Knock

Colorful Penetration: Amazing things happen to each of us when vajra penetrates the sacred garden. Can you feel it?

Colorful Penetration

Close Entry: Go slow and enjoy every millimeter of vajra's close entry intro yoni's sacred garden

Close Entry

Erotic Balls At The Center Of The Universe: When making love, put all your consciousness on vajra sliding in and out of yoni, and then it becomes the center of the universe

Erotic Balls

Kaleidoscope Ball Spin: This started out as straightforward DP (double penetration) but look what the kaleidoscope stork brought!

Kaleidoscope Ball Spin


The Fine Art Of Vajra Licking: Does it feel so good because it tastes so good, or does it taste so good because it just does?

Fine Art Of Vajra Lickinhg

1 Vajra 2 Mouths: Now don't fight, girls, there's more than enough for everyone.

1 Vajra 2 Mouths

The Color Of Breasts: Goddess, be proud to show your true colors.

Color Of Breasts

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