Tantric Sexual Solutions From A Tantric Sex Expert

Tantric Sexual Solutions is your initial session in a continuing program of Tantric Sex Coaching. Beginning with your Tantric Sexual Solutions consultation, your Tantric Sex expert will help you with...

  • Some personal growth or spiritual challenge you're facing,
  • A recurring sexual, relationship, or spiritual problem,
  • Becoming a better lover and changing how you relate to lovers,
  • Uplifting your attitude about love, sex, and your body,
  • Using sexual healing to cleanse old traumas and wounds, and
  • Releasing inhibitions and overcome unwanted programming.

How To Get Started For 50% Off!

To make it easy and inexpensive to begin Tantric Sex Coaching, we offer your first hour, your Tantric Sexual Solutions sessions, at a whopping 50% discount.

This initial coaching session, Tantric Sexual Solutions, is a 60-minute telephone exchange with an experienced non-threatening Tantric Sex expert in strict confidence. He or she – it's up to you -- will listen, accept you unconditionally, help you find solutions, offer specific suggestions, recommend study methods, and suggest fun exercises to transform your sex life, love life, and spiritual life with Supreme Bliss Tantra.

We ask a lot of questions, answer your questions, and explain how Supreme Bliss Tantra can solve your problems and give you everything you've ever dreamed of. As such it's based on listening thoroughly to what you want, understanding what you're experiencing, offering guidance and expert advice, and providing step-by-step directions for things you can right away.

What's In A Tantric Sexual Solutions Session?

Usually, a Tantric Sexual Solutions intro session follows this agenda...

  • Clarify your expectations and focus your intentions,
  • Present how we propose to help,
  • Explain energy work and melting blocks,
  • Teach you fundamental Tantric practices, and
  • Assign homeplay exercises to build on what we've covered.

As part of Tantric Sexual Solutions, we'll send you a tailored multi-step program including Tantric practices to help you get everything you desire.

Buy Tantric Sex CoachingYour Tantric Sexual Solutions session includes detailed email preparation, a one-hour in-depth live or telephone consultation, and email follow-up for only $49.95. That's more than 50% off our usual rates.

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The Most Economical Path For Intensive Training

If you want a private introduction to the glorious mysteries of sacred spiritual sex, we offer hands-on two to four-day Private Tantra Workshops for singles and couples. Click HERE for more information.

For those wanting to totally embrace the sacred path of Supreme Bliss Tantra, we offer our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation. Click HERE for details.

More Details In Our Tantric Sex Tips Online Guided Tour

Our free Tantric Sex Tips Online Guided Tour which you can access by clicking HERE lists hundreds of topics, subjects, and questions that our Tantric Sex Coaching can help you with. Read the detailed page about Tantric Sexual Solutions  by clicking HERE.

Click on these specific topics for further information that will help you decide about Tantric Sex Coaching...

  • Sexual Problems
  • Healing Religious Sexual Repression
  • Problems Unique To Women
  • Sexual Therapy
  • Shamanic Healing.

To Started With Tantric Sex Coaching

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For More Information About Continuing Tantric Sex Coaching

Click HERE for more information about continuing Tantric Sex Coaching programs.

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What Is Tantric Sex Coaching?

Tantric Sex Coaching is one-on-one training, problem-solving, and therapy in person or over the phone for specific things you want to change in your sex life, love life, and spiritual life. Sometimes all you need for a breakthrough with a conflict or hang-up are one or two one-hour sessions with a professional sex or relationship expert. Sometimes Tantric Sex Coaching is a continuing program of weekly skill-building one or two-hour sessions that guides your homeplay assignments so that you can get what you want in and out of bed.

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When You Want More Than Tantric Sex Coaching?

Tantric Sex Coaching is focused on specific issues you choose. When you want to completely transform your sex life, love life, or spiritual life using Supreme Bliss Tantra, you'll probably want to consider our Private Tantra Workshops or even our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation.

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