I welcome your telephone calls.

It's important for you to know that we stand behind our products and want to give you excellent customer service. We'll do everything in our power to see that you get what you paid for and more.

We run a home based business.

Please realize we're private individuals with full active lives who work in our home-based business as our Tantric lifestyle allows. In other words, we spend a lot of time playing at skiing, hiking, biking, partying, and making love. We practice Supreme Bliss Tantra which is all about enjoying life to the fullest.

What do you need?

To help us best help you, please take note...

  • If you're interested in Tantra training, please call the number below.

  • If you have an ebook/ecourse download problem, it's usually faster if you EMAIL with a copy of your email receipt and details.

  • If you have questions about how to improve your sex life, please register for our intro consultation at 75% discount by clicking HERE.

How To Call Somraj

  1. I'm going to trust you with my home-office number below if you note these guidelines...

  2. Please don't call before 9 AM or after 5 PM California time. (3 hours earlier than New York time.)

  3. If I'm not in, the call will automatically be routed to my cell phone.

  4. Please be patient. If I'm out playing, it could take half-a-dozen rings before I find my phone.

  5. If I don't pick up, my cell phone voicemail will engage. Leave me a message and let me know why you're calling and the best time to get back to you. If you do this, I promise to call you back.

Here's my telephone number

Area Code (530)


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